Improving your Relationship with Technology

Wellbeing | Security | Safeguarding


Technology, innovation and social media is not the enemy, but our relationship with it certainly needs some work. We’ll help you to regain control and empower you to make positive changes that will impact your life, your work – and your relationship with technology – for the better.

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There is a gap between understanding, motivation and our behaviour when it comes to cyber security and data protection. We work to bridge this gap by providing not just the technical side, but a balanced and proportionate context with your culture, policy and people.

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Before tech, where would you go to find people who believed in what you believe? Today that community is a click away.  When combatting vulnerability online, we look not just at the knowledge, but mindset and motivation for practitioners, teachers, parents and young people.

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About Paul Maskall

The single biggest barrier to technology is our relationship with it, and our understanding of it. So, Paul separates myth from truth. Whether that’s the impact on our security, our privacy, or our personal life, he tackles tech in all its guises. In life, we project our own beliefs, our own stories and narrative onto the world around us. So it’s natural that we bring our own bias, fears and preconceptions into our relationship with tech.

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