About Jungo

Technology and innovation is not the enemy, but our relationship with it certainly needs some work.

Why Jungo?

In a world that propogates negativity, promotes fear and centres on cyber security worst-case scenarios, we’re here to provide an alternative point of view.

We implement change.

We create positive digital cultures, whatever the context.


By providing clarity and empowering you though accessible advice, engaging education and training and support that is proportionate, practical and compelling.

We’re here to dispel the myths, interpret the mysticism and be a positive force for good.

We are improving your relationship with technology, we’re Jungo.

Our Director - Paul Maskall

Paul is passionate about protecting people. Whether it’s their mental health and wellbeing, their personal data, or the safety of themselves or their organisations. In fact, everything from security and wellbeing to safeguarding is about protecting through clear and relatable training and practical approaches.

Paul’s Mission

To bridge the gap in understanding and interpret the language that makes cyber security and tech less accessible. Whether that’s the impact on our security, our privacy, or our society, he tackles tech in all its guises. In life, we project our own beliefs, our own stories and narrative onto the world around us. So it is natural that we bring our own bias, fears and preconceptions into our relationship with tech.

Telling emotive stories from his own personal experiences, and sharing compelling anecdotes to illustrate the answers to the issues we face. Paul looks at the psychology behind technology and why we have a natural aversion to its understanding.

With just under six years in Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies, working in Intelligence and notably as the force’s Cyber Security Advisor within their joint cybercrime unit. Paul delivers down-to-earth talks, workshops and training that’s backed up by his experience. And he proves that, while technology comes with its own complexities, finding clarity is a lot simpler than we imagine.

Twitter: @Paul_Jungo

Linkedin: Paul Maskall

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