Cyber Security

Empower your people, convey trust to your clients and protect your organisation.

Value, Risk and Trust

If you had to have a password to enter your house, chances are you would always remember it, why? Because you value what’s inside. The problem when it comes to cyber security, is that it’s difficult to value what we can’t see, touch or otherwise have a tangible connection with.
Where you see value you see risk, if you see risk you are motivated to protect it. We believe this is the core principle to all security, especially when it comes to your culture, so this is where we start. Understanding the value in your organisation, whether that’s Personal Data, Intellectual Property, Reputational or Resilience and Continuity.
Data Breaches, Cybercrime and Fraud – the direct link between our data and our personal or professional wellbeing is becoming all too apparent. It comes down to one thing: trust.
No matter the size of your organisation, client expectations are changing and providing assurance is key.

Language and Mysticism

Protecting your organisation can be overwhelming. Addressing the technical, behavioural and policy considerations can feel like a monumental task and knowing where to start is half the battle. The biggest barrier? The language.
It feels more complex and challenging while hidden behind an iron curtain of impenetrable jargon and mysticism. We believe in interpreting the language and ensuring its relatability, bespoke to you, your staff and your organisation as a whole.


Culture VS Compliance

We have a love/hate relationship with the word compliance. It does provide motivation for taking action around cyber security and data protection, but infers a sense of obligation and conceals the real reason why it’s important. To protect the people who trust you with their data and business, but also to protect your own organisation
We believe in promoting a digital security culture that runs through your entire organisation, whether it’s policy, training or technical implementation. Making the right cultural decisions from both your management and your staff, means that compliance comes about by default. Building your assurance from ground up and mapping your organisation and understanding the strategy and importantly the ‘why’ behind it.

Knowledge, Motivation and Behaviour - How we do it

Have you ever tried to learn a foreign language without having a reason to speak to someone that speaks it? It’s not sustainable and difficult to motivate yourself to learn it. The same is with technology. We start with the why and in conjunction with the knowledge, we convey relatable tools to move your organisation forward and to empower your people to make the right decisions whatever context they are in.
Workshops and Training
  • Initial discovery session with key members of your team.
  • Half day – full day workshop depending on delegates, understanding organisational needs and expectations.
  • Creating a tailored programme.
In addition to the workshop services, we look at management strategy, written policy frameworks and advisory guidelines to improve your security. 

Jungo is involved in running regular courses, events and workshops, have a look.

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