Digital Wellbeing

Put technology back into perspective; improving your relationship with it, and more importantly, yourself and those around you.

Personal Digital Wellbeing

Technology impacts every aspect of our lives – both business and personal. Our mood and emotions, focus and productivity, mental health and habits but also our relationships both romantic and otherwise
Every interaction with the absence of tone, with the potential for positive or negative inflection or misinterpretation whether it be a post, tweet, text or email is viewed through a subjective lens of our own making.  Emotion itself is viral and that, coupled with technology, leads us in ways we couldn’t have expected
Boredom has become a trigger to pick up our devices. But boredom leads to reflection, it provokes ideas and sparks creativity. Natural mindful moments that are lost to a screen. So, can we be mindful and find ourselves while still using technology?

Finding Balance

In reality, technology, innovation and social media isn’t the enemy – it’s our relationship with it that needs some work. Our inbuilt emotional barrier we don’t always understand sometimes, fear. We’ll help you become proactive rather than reactive, and use technology intentionally, rather than habitually.
You’ll learn how to utilise technology to your advantage, boost your creativity, share methods for exercising self-discipline, and understand how to find balance, improve your mental health, and increase your focus and productivity. If you’re a small or large organisation, we’ll look at how your team interacts with tech and help you find balance within your culture using practical strategies and approaches.

What we do

Is your organisation keen to improve the digital wellbeing of your staff and to integrate it into your company culture? Do you have a duty of care to a community who would benefit from a better relationship with their tech?
If so, we can help. Whether we’re creating a programme for an entire organisation, or conducting a workshop for a team, it’s the same approach. We take the time to get to know you, identify the outcome you want to achieve and build a programme that’s bespoke, practical and people-centred.

How we do it

Taking into account your context, environment, people and personalities that make up your community, audience or organisation, we break down with you the elements that you want to improve and the strategy. Helping you understand what works, what doesn’t, but more importantly why.
Workshops and Training
  • Initial Discovery session with key members of your team.
  • A seminar, half day or full day engaging and energetic workshops depending on delegates, understanding organisational needs and expectations.
  • Creating a personalised training and delivery that is relatable to you, remaining relevant, accessible and practical.
In addition to workshop services, we work towards management and organisational strategy, written policy frameworks and advisory guidelines in order to achieve balance throughout your organisation through to its core.

Jungo is involved in running regular courses, events and workshops, have a look.

Events and Speaking

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